KaVo S615L SMARTtorque Dental Highspeed Handpiece

KaVo S615L SMARTtorque Compact Highspeed dental handpiece is part of the Smart Series line of handpieces; reliable & affordable KaVo technology in a standard and mini-head dental handpiece.

KaVo Highspeed Handpieces
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Smart Series KaVo Dental Handpieces

The Smart Collection of KaVo handpieces features dental turbine handpieces with a high power, precision-balanced turbine to offer optimum balance and virtually vibration-free operation. You’ll enjoy faster and smoother cutting for preparations. Get KaVo Technology in a reliable, affordable dental handpiece. The KaVo S615L SMARTtorque Compact Highspeed dental handpiece is available in standard and mini-head handpiece sizes. The Smart series turbine dental handpieces standard head and multi-port water spray provide reliable performance during crown and bridge preparations.

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  • Fiber optic miniature head (13 watts)
    • Optimum balance between speed and torque
      • MULTIflex LUX connection
        • Push-button auto chuck
          • 1-port spray
            • Use at minimum air pressure 40 psi (2.8 bar)